What GM, GS and XOM Do, Does the Broad Market follow?


Chris Vermeulen sdiscusses how bellwether stocks such as GM, GS and XOM help in market timing……….

Over the years working with professional traders I found it interesting how each individual has their bellwether stock they follow to gauge the stock markets trend and identify reversals before they take place.

About 10 years ago I traded with a floor trader who swore that whatever GS (Goldman Sachs) did the market followed. Another said he only used XOM (Exxon Mobile), while Stan Weinstein says GM (General Motors) was the stock to follow.

While each of these traders have been highly successful with their bellwether stock, I wanted to cover these in more detail and show you have to get the best of each of their strategies working for you. This will help you properly time the market, identify the overall market health and at which point you should be getting long or short stocks in your portfolio.

Watch this quick video below:

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Chris Vermeulen

What is your opinion. Do you think that your trade timing can be improved with bellwether stocks?

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